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Thank you for visiting our page! We are The OK Factor, a new-classical crossover duo comprised of cello (Olivia Diercks) and violin (Karla Dietmeyer). We have been writing original music together for four years, sharing it primarily with audiences throughout the Midwest.

With the release of our newest album in August 2016, "That's Enough of That", we have committed 150% to making music our livelihood - no plan B! Now that all our energy is going into the duo, here are a few of the major goals we have set for ourselves, all of which require a sustainable income for the band and for ourselves as we continue learning how to make money doing what we love, while still having funds left over to create and share:

1. To transcribe and publish our works.
2. To break into the Performing Arts Center circuit and share our music in a meaningful way.
2. To write grants for travel, educational growth for ourselves and others, and community outreach.
3. To tour on a regular basis, including the study of folk music and performances abroad.
4. To continue recording our material on a regular basis.
5. To market and promote our material on a more substantial level.
6. To acquire professional equipment for recording, touring, and performing.
7. To attend various conferences to network with other musicians and industry professionals.

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Your sustaining contribution will go directly toward helping us achieve the goals we outlined above, and will provide us with the opportunity to do what we truly love - more frequently and efficiently. Please consider becoming a Bandcamp Sustainer - we can't thank you enough for your continued support!

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The OK Factor
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Olivia and Karla began collaborating in 2012, joining forces with the goal of creating musical experiences that would challenge their formal training. The result of this collaboration is The OK Factor, a new-classical crossover duo, which uses their instruments as vehicles for creative musical thinking.

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